Football golf is a new and fun game in which EVERYBODY can take part. The game is ideal for company functions, family and company excursions, schools/classes, club events, or simply for fun.

The object of the game is to kick a football into a hole with the fewest possible kicks. The game is a hybrid between golf, football and minigolf. There are obstacles on the course. The game starts at hole 1 and follows the paths to end at hole 18.

To finish off after a game on the course, we have a covered terrace with tables and benches with room for 50-60 people. A barbecue can be borrowed. Furthermore it is possible to buy draft beer.

A visit to our attractive fish park is also worthwhile. The facilities are shared with the football golf course.

There are toilets and a kiosk selling beer, soft drinks, ice cream, toasted sandwiches and more.

If you’re holding a major function, we recommend combining fishing and football golf (fish for a few hours and play football golf for a few hours). Ring for more information about the possibilities.