Rules of the game
Payment must be made on arrival and all guests must pay (credit/debit card facilities not available).

Jogging shoes should be used – no football boots with studs.
Note name and ball number on the score card and take it with you around the course in the special “folder”.

  • All games start from the marked tee area (behind the tiles).
  • The player who won the previous hole kicks first. Lots can be drawn at the first hole, or players can start according to age.
  • When the game is in progress, the player furthest from the hole kicks first.
  • The ball may only be played with the feet.
  • The ball is played from where it lands. It must be at rest.
  • A player can declare his or her ball unplayable and move it to the nearest playable place. This incurs a penalty of two extra kicks on the score card.
  • If another player’s ball is hit, it must be replaced.
  • If another player’s ball is in the way, the one closer to the hole can kick first.
  • If the ball is not holed in 10 kicks, 10 is recorded on the score card and the game proceeds to the next hole.
  • The player who made the fewest kicks is the winner.

General rules

  • Dogs are not permitted out of consideration for other playing guests.
  • A size 5 football is used
  • Football boots may not be used.
  • Conduct on the course: Show respect for other players by keeping at an appropriate distance and not kicking when there is a risk of striking others.
  • If in a group, let faster players or groups approaching from the rear pass.
  • Unnecessary movement in the field beyond the course is not permitted!
  • Tins and bottles and other rubbish must be removed from the course or placed in the rubbish containers provided.
  • There are toilets at the fish park.
  • Clean up and remove rubbish after using shared facilities, the picnic shed, barbecue etc. Please put benches back in their places.
  • Show consideration so that everybody has an enjoyable experience.